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  • Theme: Option to define how the diagram should be rendered (“Default” automatically renders the diagram based on the users' current Confluence theme)

  • Allow download: Add a button to download the Mermaid diagram as image (PNG or SVG) or the Mermaid source code

  • Allow fullscreen: Add a button to show the Mermaid diagram in a fullscreen dialog

  • Allow copy to clipboard: Add a button to copy the Mermaid source code to the clipboard

  • Do not shrink to fit available width: Set Mermaid option “useMaxWidth: false” if available for the diagram type

  • Height: Height in pixel that are used to render the macro (leave blank to use as much height as the diagram needs)

  • Zoom: Optional zoom factor to resize the rendered diagram (between 1 and 100)

  • Export width: Optional width for the Confluence PDF export in percentage (between 1 and 100)