Please check out our YouTube video or our to get an idea about how JsBarcode for Confluence.


As any app for Confluence Cloud, you can install the app via the Confluence admin menu.

  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.

  2. Click on “Apps > Manage apps” in the header menu.

  3. Click on “Find new apps” on the right navigation.

  4. Search for “JsBarcode for Confluence” and select it.

  5. Click on “Try it free” to install the app.


DataTables for Confluence provides a macro to add barcodes in various formats.

To make use of the macros click the “Insert” / “+” Button in the edit mode, select the “JSBarcode” macros and configure the macro with the following options:

  • Value: Enter the value of the barcode.

  • Format: Select the barcode format.

  • Height: Enter the height of of the bracode in Pixel.

  • Display value: Check to render the value below the barcode.

  • Width: Define the width of a single barcode line (default is 2px).

  • Line color: Define the line color of the barcode (default is “black”).