Column filter

Column filters enables the users to search for data in specific columns.

Show & hide columns


The column selector enables the users to dynamically show and hide the table columns.

Highlight search hits

While entering your search keywords, the search hits are now automatically highlighted. This works for both search results found in normal and detail table rows and it also supports “exact matches” where you enclose your search terms with quotes.

Footer row


A footer row can be enabled to summarize data per column.

Expandable & collapsible detail rows


Detail data (defined in a “Detail column”) can be rendered as expanded or collapsed row detail row.

Mutli-column sort support


By pressing shift and clicking on the column header the data can be sorted by a secondary, tertiary etc. column.

CSV data as data source


CSV data can be rendered as powerful Confluence table that support features such as searching, grouping, paging and multi-column sorting.

CSV data from remote URL as data source

CSV data from any (public available) URL can be rendered as Confluence table.

Attachments as data source


If the attached files to a Confluence page are used data source, the attachments including some additional metadata (such as information about the author, modification date, ….) are listed in the table.