Live preview and syntax validation support

The macro editor supports syntax highlighting and validation checks. Moreover, while editing the Mermaid code a live preview of the diagram is shown.

Version history in editor

2024-02-26 Editor versions.gif

When working in the macro editor, the diagram’s history including the old versions is available.

Default diagram templates


Predefined diagram templates ease the creation of new diagrams as you don’t have to start from scratch but can use any of the templates as blueprint.

Theme support


The macro option “Theme” allows you to defined the color schema (“Default”, “Neutral”, “Dark” or “Forest”) that should be used to render the diagrams.

Download and fullscreen support

Mermaid diagrams can be downloaded as image and opened in a (Confluence) fullscreen dialog.

Both features can be easily enabled in the macros settings for any diagram by checking the checkboxes “Allow Download” and/or “Allow fullscreen”.

Confluence’s dark mode support


For best legibility, the diagram rendering bases on the users' current Confluence theme.

Load Mermaid code from remote locations

Mermaid code can be loaded from remote locations. This allows using Mermaid code from GitHub or any other platform where the source code is publicly available under a URL.

Convert Mermaid Live Editor URLs into diagrams


Mermaid diagrams can be added to Confluence pages by just copy & pasting a URL from the Mermaid Live Editor (https://mermaid.live/).

With the this feature it has never been easier to add Mermaid diagrams to your Confluence pages if you use the Mermaid Live Editor from https://mermaid.live/.