Confluence’s dark mode support

2024-01-04 Darkmode.gif

For best legibility, the source code rendering bases on the users' current Confluence theme.

Preview popups for CSS, Less, Sass and others

Previews for CSS, Less, Markup attributes, Sass, Scss and Stylus code show a mouse-over popup for certain definitions (such as for angles, colors, gradients, easing functions and durations).

Fullscreen support


A button in the source code toolbar allows the user to open the source code in a fullscreen dialog.

Remote source code


The source can be loaded from remote locations. This allows embedding source code from GitHub or any other platform where code is publicly available under a URL.

Directory treeviews

“Explorer like” directory and file structure can be rendered on any Confluence page.

Bash and PowerShell command line


Command line interactions (bash and PowerShell) can be rendered on any Confluence page.